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Scarica Another Round 18-12-2014 (3.64 MB)

Another Round

  • Another Round
  • Another Round

    Enter The Haggis fifth album, Soapbox Heroes is an ambitious evolution of their already eclectic sound. Recorded in just 12 days in Rhinebeck, NY with Grammy Award winning producer Neil Dorfsman, Soapbox Heroes challenges the listener with every song. Whether it's the Caribbean/Irish wake-anthem One Last Drink, piano-bar ballad The Barfly or the instrumental synth-rock opening track Lancaster Gate, the band unapologetically obliterates genre lines and continues to defy classification. Lyrically, this album shows a somewhat darker side of ETH: New Monthly Flavour rails against the pharmaceutical industry, while Marti's Last Stand tells the story of a young man propelled against his will to fight someone else is war. Soaring four-part harmonies, blistering bagpipe and fiddle interplay and a tight, thunderous rhythm section make this an album for music-lovers of any age or description; Soapbox Heroes is a mature and intricate work, and captures Enter The Haggis at their absolute best. Catch ETH on the road this year - check the tour schedule at or


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